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France Holidays

France has become number one for buying a home abroad.

France has more tourists per year than any other country and has government incentives for foreign purchasers.

It is a stable country and has just about the safest property transaction procedures in the world.

Long term rental is good and mortgages are easily arranged with low rate interest.

Paris is the sort of city that one can visit again and again – time after time – and never grow tired of it And I personally have been to Paris ten times! And on each occasion I have seen both ‘the same Paris’ and ‘a different Paris’. For Paris is such a vibrant city that ‘time never stands still’!

While it probably fulfils the role of being Britain’s nearest ‘foreign terrain’, Paris’s proximity in no way diminishes its ‘foreign characteristics’. In fact, nations situated much farther afield might seem considerably less ‘foreign’, for in Paris the French language still predominates. And many a British visitor has to struggle to make himself or herself understood by communicating – albeit often haltingly – in the French language!

But Paris remains unique, and no other capital anywhere is remotely similar to it. And this Parisian characteristic permeates every corner of the city. There is so much to see and so many places to visit in Paris – yet one can absorb its unique atmosphere without moving from one place to another. ‘Less is more’ in Paris and a whirlwind tour of the city would inevitably ruin that atmosphere of serenity.

Roberta Crookes has worked as a newspaper journalist throughout most of her life, writing news stories, editorial features, advertisement supplements, and reviews. And in the course of her work she has interviewed many famous people from all walks of life. She has also managed to combine parallel careers in both journalism and acting, and, being Welsh speaking from North Wales, her main television featured parts have been Welsh language roles with BBC Wales.

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