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To Paris from London

Getting to Paris from London features a number of routes, and I personally seem to have tried most of them! I first visited Paris in a family group, accompanied by my husband, our seven year old son and our four year old daughter. All our friends expressed great surprise at our choice of holiday destination – most of them insistent that Paris was not a suitable venue for children of that age! We travelled by train and hovercraft , and the latter means of transport was decidedly ‘bumpy’! In consequence I succeeded in spilling the glassful of duty- free gin and tonic that I was happily imbibing all over myself , and arrived on the French shore ‘soaked to the skin’! However, the children found the journey highly exciting and thoroughly enjoyed the trip.

And they were equally excited on reaching Paris itself, and throughout our stay revelled in both the night life and the food on offer. In fact, their exhausted ‘sightseeing’ parents weren’t allowed a single ‘early night’ throughout the duration of our stay!

My next visit to Paris – and indeed my next subsequent eight visits to Paris – was by plane, which was definitely preferential to travelling by hovercraft! In fact, I found Paris Airport a particularly pleasant place around which to roam – although the bus journey to and from the Airport to Paris was somewhat tedious.

Then my tenth and most recent visit to Paris was by Eurostar – which definitely came in first place in the ‘travel stakes’! I was travelling with my daughter, and for some reason we were ‘elevated’ to First Class without paying any additional fee – which was a definite bonus!