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Places to visit in France

An absolute ‘must’ on any visit, of course, is a stroll down The Champs- Elysees, described as ‘the world’s most celebrated avenue’ - and it is an avenue that stretches all the way from the Place de la Concorde to the grandiose Arc de Triomphe! The Eiffel Tower too is a monument ‘not to be missed’- although its dominant size and shape would make it somewhat difficult to miss! And the River Seine must surely represent one of the most beautiful waterways in the whole of Europe.

The churches too certainly occupy ‘pride of place’ in Paris, particularly ‘Notre Dame Cathedral’, which sparkles on its island shrine in the centre of the Seine, and also the basilica of ‘Sacre Coeur’, whose dome seems to soar high into the sky as it stands perched on the hill that overlooks the bohemian terrain of popular Montmartre.

And The Louvre Museum should definitely ‘not be missed’, and should be visited if only to view Leornado da Vinci’s world famous picture ‘Mona Lisa’. If time permits, excursions too can be made from Paris – Versailles and Fontainebleu being two particular favourites.