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Nightlife in France

The wine, of course, defies description. French wine served in Paris has got to be the best wine in the whole world – be it Beaujolais or Burgundy. Local champagne, likewise, is described as ‘friendly, refined and elegant’, while the brandy that is served at the end of the meal is always ‘top quality’. And I can honestly claim that I have never had a wine that I didn’t find thoroughly palatable on any of my visits to Paris…….

And the brandy, likewise, was always top quality! Without a doubt Paris could be described as a ‘city of many images’. The beauty of its historic buildings, the peerless quality of its unique environment, the excellence of its restaurants, and the frenetic lifestyle that embodies its night-time activities lures historians, gourmets, night hawks, and lovers of scenic beauty alike.

Paris remains a throbbing metropolis – and a visit to this ‘exciting city’ should be a ‘must’ in every person’s life…………