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Hotels in France

Every Paris trip has seen me staying at a different hotel – availability being the main component. Almost all these hotels have been decidedly ‘modest of mien’! But, however, the breakfasts have been universally palatable in every establishment , the French coffee always being unsurpassable and the croissants served fresh from the bakery.

‘Haute Cuisine’, of course, is one of Paris’s main attractions, the restaurants on the Left Bank being particularly excellent – both in quality and value. Steak in all its various gastronomic forms being my particular favourite, I’m always tempted to opt for this as a main course every single evening!

Many people, of course, visit Paris purely in order to ‘wine and dine’. And I have yet to visit a country where the gourmet cuisine exceeds that which is on offer in Paris.

One is encouraged to have several courses, with a starter such as pate de foie gras, trout, frog’s legs, oysters, mussels, sea-urchins, and other shellfish, followed by a main course – steak in all its forms being one of the general favourites, followed by cheeses such as Roquefort, Camembert or Brie, followed by a dessert – one of the favourites here being tarte Tatin (hot carmelized apple pie), followed by French Coffee and French Brandy. And there is also a different selection of wine available with the various courses.